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Ask a lawyer

Many people are faced with the need to ask a lawyer a question online. This is due primarily to the desire to save your precious time, especially if you can not visit the specialist’s office at the time of reception or if you need urgent help from a specialist. After clicking the «add» button, your question will be queued for processing. In the shortest possible time, a professional online practicing lawyer will answer it and give appropriate explanations, relying on the current Legislation.

Asking a lawyer for free is a service that makes available qualified legal assistance absolutely for everyone, regardless of gender, age or region of residence.

Unfortunately, asking a free question to a lawyer is only an «emergency» measure that will not save you from having to meet with a lawyer when you are solving a really complex issue. This is due to the fact that each situation has a large number of subtleties, insignificant at first glance, but of great legal significance. In order to understand the complicated matter, the specialist needs to study in detail the attached materials (documents) and only after that he can give you really correct advice on how you should act in this situation.

Online lawyer will help you to find your way around the situation free of charge, will indicate the eligibility of certain actions. The advantage of this portal is that your question to a lawyer, just like the answer to it, will remain in our database, and you can return to it at any time.

In addition, on our portal you can get acquainted with the questions of other users and the answers to them. Perhaps this will help you better understand the situation.

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