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Lawyer case

Legal Center «Legal Affairs» — a service of providing free legal advice by phone and paid legal services. On the site you can find out the types of legal aid provided, find useful information and get a free legal advice around the clock.

Free legal advice over the phone will help you understand what specific legal assistance and service may be needed and what else a lawyer or lawyer can help. You can also get acquainted with the cost of legal services, their description and performance features.

Free legal advice 24 hours a day by phone

To get a free consultation with a lawyer or lawyer, it is enough to fill out an application for consultation below. The lawyer will be able to call back to the contact number you provided and provide the necessary assistance.

Legal Center «Legal Affairs» — lawyers and lawyers who provide truly qualified legal assistance and services to citizens and legal entities.

We offer a wide range of legal services from a simple free legal consultation by phone to representation of clients in complex litigation. Representation in court is carried out on the basis of the power of attorney for disputes of property and non-property nature.

The main services of our legal center are legal advice and representation of interests in the court in civil cases: housing, arbitration, family and hereditary cases, as well as assistance in legal support of real estate transactions.

Free legal advice is conducted around the clock. We provide qualified legal assistance and land services in respect of land. Our lawyers represent interests in the court for collection of debts and cases on protection of consumers’ rights.

The assistance of a lawyer or a lawyer in court cases is paid on a mandatory basis with the conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal services or agreements for the provision of legal assistance.

Representation in civil cases in arbitration and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction is carried out by lawyers on a notarial power of attorney.

Qualified legal advice and the help of a good lawyer is the key to a successful business!

Leave a request for consultation now.

Consultation of a lawyer in the case will receive free of charge right away.