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Legal services

The cost of a lawyer, or rather, the cost of legal services, can puzzle anyone. Because for the solution of your question from one lawyer the price can be, for example, twice as high as that of another, from a neighboring office. So think after that, how much is the lawyer in fact.

However, the prices for legal services, the cost of a lawyer in each particular case can really vary greatly. Because they are objectively dependent on a number of factors. This is, first of all, the type of services (the price of writing a complaint and the cost of legal services in court are incommensurable in principle). The complexity of the issue (traditionally the most expensive cases — criminal, for «heavy» articles), the period of provision of services (hereditary disputes last sometimes for years), the level of the court reviewing the case, etc.

But nevertheless, exactly how and how realistic is the value of legal services formed by their «sellers», and how not to make mistakes to the «buyer»? What you need to know the citizen about this kitchen when he calls the company and asks «How much does a lawyer have?».

The so-called marketing approach is most common. In essence, it consists in establishing the cost of legal services, which allows you to quickly «repulse» investments in the legal business, to compensate for expenses. That is, if in the office of a law firm there are two leather sofas, rest assured that the cost of a lawyer here will be twice as high as in a firm that has only one sofa. Well, and if there is also a secretary, the price of a lawyer grows instantly.

Very often the cost of legal services is increased «for a name» — but you know, who works for us and whom he defended, do you understand how much this lawyer costs? From such a significant monologue it is immediately clear that the cost of a lawyer tends to sky-high. And who does not like it — go to where lawyers are inexpensive or not at all … The name, of course, is a good thing, but it is earned in different ways.

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