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The profession of a lawyer

If you are «lost» in search of your vocation, pay attention to how important and popular is the profession «lawyer» at all times. Pros and cons of it are not as obvious as it seems at first glance. We will try to consider them in detail in this article. Who are lawyers. What do they do, what are the duties of the lawyer — is a professional who stands guard over the law. Excellent understanding of the legal documentation, he defends the interests of citizens who turned to him for help. Of course, this is only the most general definition. Lawyers working in ministries and departments are engaged in norm-setting, that is, they «write up» themselves, develop wording of laws, decrees, decrees. They also edit and revise the content of legal documentation. High-class lawyers work in the court, the prosecutor’s office, the police, the FSB, supervisory authorities, as well as the tax and customs services. They protect public order, warn and investigate offenses. A significant part of the «experts on the law» is engaged in the field of advocating the interests of commercial organizations. In large corporations and banks, full-fledged legal departments are created, which are faced with the tasks: To ensure the correct execution of the firm’s commercial operations from the point of view of local and international law. Protect the interests of the company in court, participate in out-of-court settlement of disagreements with partners. Lawyers with private practice conduct reception of citizens, assisting in ordinary matters concerning inheritance, division of property, housing or tax disputes, disagreements with employers. Some graduates of law schools remain within the walls of their own academies and universities to teach special disciplines to future «lawyers». Experts with a wide experience of work receive incomes also from journalistic activity. Whichever duties the «lawyer» profession assumes, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of the specialty before you sign the employment contract.

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