And not always it is done intentionally

Shock participants in the transport accident makes very difficult the analysis of the circumstances of the case, and that the incident may result in criminal liability, tranquility does not add anyone.

It cannot be denied that many traffic accident with serious consequences could be with mutual respect of drivers and pedestrians. But there are objective reasons is unable to avoid collisions, for example, technical failure or poor visibility on the road.

It should be borne in mind that the profile of the lawyer is very important in any legal proceedings

Your rights in the case of accidents can most effectively be protected by the attorney with experience in this area of law. However, if you have no possibility or time to find it, even the General profile will be more reliable than independent attempts to defend themselves in the hope of luck.

At least he will be able to explain to you what to speak and what not

Sometimes already it is enough to member of a criminal case on traffic accident is not aggravated their situation