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We do not store any contact data, which is another condition of confidentiality, except in situations requiring future provision of free legal advice. Assistance of a highly qualified lawyer or attorney can't be cheap or even free. Everything in this world has its price Due to the fact that our lawyers are loaded not on 100 - we have the opportunity to devote some time to free legal advice. This does not mean that we do everything for free And does not mean that we will consult on any and every issue.

Please read our user agreement, under which we conduct all our online activities. Get free legal advice - stay calm Forewarned is forearmed Our specialists provide expert legal advice online and by phone number of people interested in resolving issues of the administrative, residential, civil, labor, family law. This list is not limited The number of staff lawyers and their diverse profile allows us to give qualitative legal advice on any legal area. As part of the online legal advice includes a full list of areas of law: child support, business legal services, resolving issues with the IRS and the police, etc. And when it comes to already initiated proceedings, or claims You'll definitely need the assistance of a lawyer or attorney who can explain the consequences and tell you about possible ways for defense or attack, depending on each specific situation. It is not only legal protection but also legal assault with intent to shock the opponent.