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ASK QUESTION MILITARY LAWYER Our network of law firms as one of its areas of activity chose the military advice Questions on military Affairs are quite complicated, much more complicated than civil law. Therefore they must understand the military lawyers who are familiar with all the nuances of military law At a law firm you can always get the help of a military lawyer who will listen to your problem and tell you how best to proceed in a particular case. Because today in our country there is a very alarming situation in the East, regular waves of mobilization, lawyer on military matters especially in demand. For example, many mobilized you want to know in what cases are entitled to deferral or dismissal from the military service. The advice of a military lawyer will help you figure out the circumstances under which mobilized not entitled to take military serviceThese cases are, in particular, unsuitable for health reasons, students and graduate students of higher educational institutions; parents with three or more children; priests; persons living in the occupied territories; people who care for people with disabilities. Learn more detail about the cases of exemption from service in the army, trends in military action, you can learn advice Sometimes there are cases when the assistance of a military lawyer is required immediately - we are always ready to listen and provide advice. One of the most frequent questions, which required the assistance of a military lawyer, is the lack of status of participant of hostilities.