For violation of the legislation provides for the inevitable responsibility, including criminal

If you are in a difficult situation (investigative actions are carried out, you are questioned), the first thing that comes to mind is what is the cost of a criminal lawyer. Quite often existing stereotypes stop us in the selection of effective assistance of professional advocates.

To find out how much a criminal lawyer in the Capital, you need to schedule a consultation

Payment of lawyer’s work — what is the price.

The first thing you need to understand the potential client of a criminal lawyer is the fact that the price consists of payment of a difficult litigation.

The efficiency depends largely on the stage where the expert starts to work

The standard mechanism of counting the prices of the works of a criminal lawyer depends on the following factors:

Individual characteristics, such as experience of legal practice, winning criminal cases;

The cost of the services of a criminal lawyer depends on the number of lawyers who will be involved in the case. In practice, it may happen that our advocates cannot simultaneously participate in the investigation (to gather information to rebut) and be present during the interrogation. To exert maximum efforts to the protection of the accused (suspect), we often recommend that clients work in a team;

The duration of the investigation;

Wondering how much a good criminal lawyer, do not forget to specify the article on which have to work