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BEST LAWYERS But, unfortunately, these searches are unnecessary A little secret. A rating of the best lawyers in criminal cases is always lime The fact that the official list or ranking of top lawyers in criminal cases do not exist and can not exist, as such, is categorically contrary to the Code of ethics of advocatesAnd the Code for the Law the chamber still for the Church the Holy Scriptures - compliance is the main subject of her worries. So if some website"official rating of lawyers"is still hanging, then it is nothing more than a publicity stunt is small, but particularly clever group of lawyers. Of course, in this"ranking"in the place of honor, you will always see the names of shareholders-concessionaires. Shameless self-promotion everywhere And still- how to Orient people in all these advertising tricks, and how to make a choice from more than 10 thousand candidates. Many principals want them to have not just good, but"best criminal lawyer"and many a short time will be disappointed. To promise but to throw dust in the eyes can even not the best defenders.