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developing a position on the permit issue

ADVICE ON LEGAL ISSUES Legal advice is individual advice of a lawyer or attorney in which the Client describes in detail the essence of the questionsuggests his legal decisions.

explaining all possible risks and opportunities of these options. Legal advice is the original and I must say.

one of the most important stages in the provision of legal aid As it is at this stage a lawyer is given a full explanation of the legal issue. the customer has other legal assistance in the form of representation and the full support of the resolution of his question. Unfortunately. very often the main goal of many law firms is to make profit Their main task is to get money from You. whereas the solution often fades into the background. After receiving the payment. these companies lose interest in the Client As a rule.

the question about the further actions of the client

in such companies. free legal advice is not the explanation of the problem from a legal point of view. and to invite You to the office of the company under any pretext. where already at the meeting. using the tricks of marketing. You will be ably to persuade to sign a contract for service right now because today is a special offer for You with a good discount or whether Your case is urgent professionalism captivating.