Pre-production begins with the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings

According to the article, the reason for the initiation of criminal proceedings are:

the statement of offence;

voluntary surrender;

the message on the perfect or preparing crime, received of other sources.

the decision of the Prosecutor on the direction of the appropriate materials to the body of preliminary investigation for the decision of a question on criminal prosecution.

The basis for excitation of criminal case is the presence of sufficient data indicating signs of a crime

In accordance with the criminal procedure code, the accused and his defender have the right to examine materials of the criminal case. The criminal procedure law contains no provisions authorizing a person in respect of which terminated the proceedings, to get acquainted with the case materials.

The retention periods for criminal cases shall run from the date of a previous conviction, or the entry into legal force of a verdict of acquittal, as well as the resolution (ruling) on the termination of the case