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CRIMINAL LAWYER It begins with pre-production Unfortunately, in criminal cases, in some cases, there has been a violation of human rightsTherefore, the most effective method of ensuring right to defense to the suspect, the accused or the defendant is involved in criminal case of qualified counsel. An experienced attorney will be of real help, as a result of psychological stress caused by arrest and the arraignment, and also because of the legal incompetence of these individuals are unable to defend their own procedural law, especially if you are in custody. Our law office in criminal cases is a group of lawyers have United within the same professional sphere, the criminal law, and which is a structural subdivision of the capital of the United Collegium of advocates. One of the main advantages of the Bureau, working in criminal cases, is a team of experienced professionals, working on a specific profile with the rewards of the legal community. A good defender that matches the profile of the case (specific article), will provide the defendant a more effective protection.