That is why criminal law and criminal defense — an area where the lawyer gives priority

What to do when a criminal case.

A criminal case, and just the appearance of interest to Your person or family member with law enforcement often leads to stress and sleepless nights. But in this situation you should not despair and give up, but rather to urgently take all measures to protect in the criminal case.

First and foremost, contact us for a legal consultation on your criminal case

If a serious question, the agreement with a lawyer urgently need to conclude at the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings.

A criminal lawyer will travel to the Department of internal Affairs (or other body) who leads a criminal investigation, and will receive all the necessary information.

Together with You we develop a legal position and establish on its basis a defense in a criminal case

Also we will tell You about the order of initiation of criminal proceedings in relation to Your situation, the procedure for conducting investigative actions, the urgent action on Your part and will answer all Your questions.

Must be immediately, not letting things drift in the hope that everything will be decided in Your favor. Don’t forget about the police statistics and»cane system,»under which the investigator (the investigator) never miss a chance to have another criminal case