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FREE CONSULTATION WITH A LAWYER According to the law on advocacy and legal practice legal advice relates to the types of legal assistance. Legal advice may be paid, but you can imagine and free Very often free consultation with a lawyer is the client's sort of"lifeline"because it allows you to get professional support lawyer and save a lot of money. Free legal advice is also necessary and the lawyer Advising a customer for free, the lawyer shows that he cares about the customer and tries to solve his problem with the least costUltimately, this helps to build trust and lasting relationships between lawyer and client, which in turn is key to the success of both. The convenience of such services as free legal advice, is that a client can obtain it as with the direct meeting with a lawyer in Nikolaev, and using the telephone or Internet. It is particularly convenient to obtain a free legal consultation with the help of the Internet. For example, if You want to get free legal advice in Nikolaev, You should make use of such search queries as: free legal advice legal advice for free legal advice for free legal advice for free Nikolaev Remember that free legal advice is not a salvation from all troubles. It can only direct the client to help him to objectively assess the problem For example, if a customer has a problem with the acceptance of the inheritance, one only consultation of the lawyer is unlikely to help him. It needs an integrated assistance of counsel by inheritance I as a lawyer in Nikolaev offering such assistance, and provide free legal advice for inheritance, as well as other issues. In those cases where the client provides comprehensive legal services, cost of consultation also free of charge.