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FREE ADVICE OF A MILITARY LAWYER Legal advice of the military lawyerMilitary law is called the sectoral legislation covering all legal issues associated with the military, a system of state directives, fixing the duties, rights and responsibilities of participants in this sector. Violations of the rights of military personnel occurs regularly This can be avoided if the time to reach out to people with special skills military lawyers. Assistance of a military lawyer free consultation and military Advice on military law are called to solve complex problems: organizational issues of activity of the armed forces, using military pensions, mortgages, and other nuances arising in the course of interaction of participants of the industry. The service allows free ask question a military lawyer (or several simultaneously) and to obtain a reasoned answer, armed with which you can solve problems effectively. Getting help on the website is possible online or on the phone Service in the Armed Forces associated with increased personal responsibility, risks and dangers. The relationship between the state and the military are governed by a set of documents, United title of"military law". To understand it will help our military lawyers Online consultation (free and free) from the experts of the service is simple, reliable and quick method for practical advice on any problem in the field of military law. Military law consists of several legal acts regulating social relations in the field of construction, life and activities of the Armed Forces, includes several ratified international treaties, the articles of the Constitution, the laws. This list can be easily expanded by numerous regulations, Government orders, orders of the Ministry of Defence and the decisions of the local authorities. Contact with lawyers and solve problems in the field of military law, have the military, and their immediate families. Here is a small list of issues encountered by professionals in the field of military law, solving the problems of their clients.