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FREE CONSULTATION ONLINE You want to defend your legal rights, you need legal help from qualified specialists concerned with questions of law. Free legal advice is the most convenient way for you as soon as possible by phone, online or in person. Law firm provides qualified assistance in protecting their rights, both physical and legal persons. We provide the full support from the beginning to the end of dispute resolution, engaged in the representation of banking institutions and fiscal authorities, state institutions. While legal consultation is free This allows you to clarify issues relating to the current legislation of our country and abroad. Consultations are offered by highly skilled lawyers who are experts in their fields of law We defend the legitimate rights and freedoms of our clients, representing their interests in state bodies, institutions of any level and type. We operate within current legislation Also representing the interests of our clients by power of attorney for the performance of legally significant actions - to sign documents of various kinds

In the list of our services includes assistance in gathering information, evidence in cases that will help solve the case in your favor on the stage of the proceedings in a court or at a preliminary stage.

In addition, we provide the following legal services: carry out representation of interests and protection of legal rights in court and other state bodies; engaged in the preparation of procedural documents: claims, appeals, statements of claim and other; appeal to court in case of disagreement of the client with the court decision, appeal against actions of officials on the stages of court and pre-trial. Law firm helps to defend their rights-including to owners of vehicles in different situations: when making a vehicle accident with your participation in any role, in case of illegal actions of the police unreasonable the imposition of a fine or its value, the extortion of money from representatives of the authorities. The members of our firm, qualified lawyers who provide full support in the resolution of issues and disputes with various agencies and organizations, such as insurance companies, financial bodies, banks.