Services legal advice online is available to you online. You can contact LiveChat for a preliminary discussion of your question. Manager will connect you with a specialist on an issue that interests you.

With our team we can find here

Legal advice online -is a convenient service through which you can resolve legal issues without leaving home. We are located in the capital, and you can be anywhere in the world and still get a quality answer.

That’s what legal advice online

You’re not limited to legal advice online and without registration. You can take the advantage of legal support is a comprehensive legal services that include advice on all legal issues.

In which areas do we provide legal advice.

Our law firm works in many areas of the law. You can get legal advice online or in person on the following issues:

a lawyer for the liquidation of the company;

professional help on tax disputes;

the help of experts at the tender support;

the assistance of a specialist in civil law;

expert help on issues of commercial law;

legal advice on licensing issues and labor protection;

legal assistance on intellectual property issues;

a lawyer on corporate law;

legal advice on matters of litigation