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FREE LEGAL ADVICE BY PHONE Free legal consultation by phone is carried out only on those issues which require practical assistance to lawyersIf you plan to own the business, based on a free consultation, we will not be able to help you. Legal advice is the first step to a successful outcome Professional legal advice is the most common form of legal assistance.

This is the most important component of advocacy, which requires high qualification and special knowledge in the field of jurisprudence.

During the consultation, the client sets out the problem more based on the emotional side of it and forgetting about legal aspects.

The main task of the lawyer during the consultation - identification of information useful legal facts that would be decisive in the case and its favorable outcome.

Free legal advice is a constructive dialogue between the lawyer and the client. This conversation reveals the reason for the situation and helps to find possible ways to overcome it. Free legal advice sometimes gives a magical result Thanks to the conversation with the lawyer, You will be able to see the situation with different eyes. And the exit from it can be much easier than You expected If You need the assistance of a lawyer, in any case should not delay the trip to a lawyer. Time can play a cruel joke, and the problems will lead to irreversible consequences.