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FREE LEGAL ADVICE ON REAL ESTATE You need to get a real estate transaction (gift, sale, mortgage, equity participation in construction)g, disputes with builders, neighbours from Gulf and other housing disputes). Or you want to privatize the apartment Then find out about what and how our free legal advice on real estate matters can help you with these difficult questions. Reasons to seek free legal advice on real estate 1. Security in the transaction You had to hear sad stories about how some time after the purchase of housing, declared the heirs or relatives of the seller who knew nothing about it and claimed their share of ownership. And even when you check the legal"purity"of real estate by the Bank (for example, mortgages), there is no guarantee of security of the transaction, because the Bank cares only about their own interests. To protect yourself from possible unpleasant situations of acquired property receive legal advice on real estate from the lawyer of the service. Agree on the full support of the transaction with the preparation and registration of necessary documents, checking the history of the apartment or house, etc. 2.

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Assistance in resolving disputes, real estate If you are faced with a conflict situation in respect of the property (for example, with other owners, heirs, tenants, etc.), you can get free advice on real estate and expert help from our lawyer who will review your question and will tell you how to behave, what needs to be done to settle the dispute. 3. Assistance in obtaining monetary compensation related to the Gulf apartments Gulf housing it is often the case in apartment buildings, which may occur as the fault of the neighbors and municipal services (for example, due to a malfunction of the roof). To consult on issues of indemnity, seek legal advice real estate lawyers of our service. Experts will tell you where to go, what documents to gather to prove the fact of the Bay and the amount of damage. 4. The solution to the problems in the equity participation in construction and disputes with developers The acquisition of new (still unfinished apartments) may not be less risky move than the purchase of second homes. If you are going to enter into a contract with the developer, construction co-op, the lawyer will check the contract for compliance with your interests. If a controversial issue has arisen after conclusion of the contract our specialist will carry out a legal analysis of the situation, provide recommendations to resolve the conflict. 5. Assistance in the collection and preparation of documents for registration of the mortgage, privatization If you decide to apply for a mortgage, privatize public housing, will face the necessity of collecting a large number of documents. To Orient you, what documentation you will need to seek legal advice real estate free on the phone. Specialist will answer your questions and give you necessary recommendations. For you as a present or future owner, free legal advice on real estate issues a chance to pre warn yourself from possible risks in the future. Save time in collecting and paperwork. Make a request to receive a free consultation on real estate and get expert legal advice after a few minutes absolutely for free.