Ask the lawyer (attorney)

How is counseling on the Internet.

How to contact a lawyer online.

What you need to know referring to legal advice online.

The lawyer provides legal advice online on this page on the website and directly by e-mail

What is legal advice online.

Legal advice-lawyer online is the ability to solve legal issues to secure the deal. It is also free legal assistance to those citizens who attempt to understand the situation, to learn more about their rights and responsibilities provided by law.

Legal advice lawyer, a lawyer will allow you to look at before you caused the problem is much deeper and wider. Lawyer — specialist in the field of law who are in the know of all changes and innovations in the legislation, explain all the possible consequences of your actions and decisions

Important. Legal advice is given personally by the attorney and not by the assistants and secretaries. You can consult an attorney on various legal issues:

Civil cases;

Economic Affairs;

Criminal cases;

Family business;

Hereditary cases;

The administrative case.

The lawyer, like the doctor, is obliged to keep the»privilege»Therefore, all questions sent to the advocate is strictly confidential. This means that all information provided will not be disclosed and therefore will not be in the hands of your competitors or unscrupulous people.

How to use legal advice online.

It’s very simple:

Fill carefully all form fields;

Indicate a message subject, Your name;

Explain your question;

Be sure to specify the email box you want, what would the answer came;

send lawyer.

How fast can you get the issue.

The response time for legal advice online depends primarily on the workload of the lawyer, but usually does not exceed two working days.

Now in the Internet there are many legal advice forums. However, most of them on the quality of services leaves much to be desired.

Some of the questions remain without answers

And it happens sometimes that the answer is even wrong, and the answer is to wait a very long time. And besides, it often happens that the authors are students or people who do not have to do with the law.

Seeking the advice of an attorney, You can be assured of a professional and skilled legal advice of an experienced lawyer is that the answer to your question will come in no time