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The electronic letter can get clear and detailed answer

FREE LEGAL ASSISTANCE PHONE We can say that legal advice is the first introduction of the client and of the lawyer (attorney)This procedure can take the form of personal meeting or correspondence by phone, Skype, email, etc. What are the advantages of free legal advice You don't need to go to the office of an advocate lawyer, the problem is solved online and in the same form you agree on next steps. Advice at any time and in any place You get advice regardless of your location, simply typing a phone specialist. Instant legal assistance and recommendation in any situation. During the initial consultation, you will be able to assess the professionalism and competence of the lawyer to which you are applying. You'll be ready for a full-time appointment and don't forget the necessary documents, which are necessary for the lawyer to solve your problem. if only consultation by phone, Skype, the Internet turns into a consultation and due to the fact that correspondence, the deleted conversations can be time consuming and sometimes the customer is just not able to explain and demonstrate everything you need to know lawyer to solve. Over the phone you can understand how to handle your case, assess"the scope of the problem", but to solve a specific problem, you need a personal meeting, which is possible and negotiate orally.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort, because you need to scan all documents and prepare the letter which will outline the whole point of the referral to a specialist.