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FREE ONLINE LEGAL ADVICE Modern man is hard to live without knowing their rights, because ignorance of them often leads to severe consequences

Of course, you can't know by heart the entire legal framework, but this is free online legal advice provided throughout the country. Of course, the advice of lawyers in the priority provided by us for disadvantaged categories: pensioners, disabled people, all those people who for whatever reason are unable to defend their rights. More recently, this category was added and IDPs (internally displaced persons) Also the legal consultation our law firm offers military and their families, as in the recent cases of violation of their rights. In some cases consultation with a lawyer is the only way to achieve justice, for example, if you illegally deprived of the right to housing, denied making payments or subsidies. Consultation with a lawyer should become a basic human principle, which helps to keep more confident in life. If all our citizens were more aware of the legal terms, it would be much less conflict.