From March lawyers who have been deprived of their status

This applies to situations where the status of a lawyer was interrupted for example due to a violation of the norms of the Code of Professional Ethics of a Lawyer in March of the year-a Federal law from May of the Federal Law For informing and advocating the federal state establishes a ban for individuals on the status of a lawyerA lawyer who has been detained for work is not a reason to be a representative in court with the exception of participating in the proceedings as a legal representative of the Federal Law of December Federal Law On Amendments to the Federal Law on Propaganda Activities in the Russian Federation. Also from the specified date to the law on the lawyer it is specified that the procedure for providing legal assistance to lawyers participating in the defense in a criminal case on the appointment of investigative bodies by pre-trial investigative bodies or by a court that states that the Federal Council of the Chamber of Advocates must ensure that lawyers have access to participate in the provision of such assistance regardless of their chosen form of education and membership in a particular bar association and in order to ensure the right to to participate in the trial. use of an automated information system that eliminates the influence of all persons interested in the distribution of tasks among lawyers. If a claim for the amount of payment sent by the insurer on behalf of the insured persons is subject to insurance premiums then in this case it does not arise since the insured persons will not be in an employment relationship with the insurer.