Good morning! No lawyer especially

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Good morning! No lawyer especially since the lawyer has no right to give such guarantees and that only the judge at his discretion assess all the evidence and make a decision

Remember that the court can decide all the circumstances that may affect the time to make sure-it's easy to check.

When entering into a contract with a lawyer he stated in the contract clause states that in the event of a loss of business the lawyer will receive for example for the tax that should be received in the case of a profitable business.

Once the lawyer secures a positive result means that he must agree. There are cases when everything is clear and understandable but the court does not meet the requirements.

It depends on what he wants to do

Ask your lawyer to explain in detail why they think they will win the trial. Ask for references to laws decisions of the Plenum and explanations of the Supreme Court to show similar judicial practice. We hope that the answer for certain categories of cases is already formed by court practice and the percentage of probability of winning in this category of cases we expect that with a high probability of such cases of consumer protection.

However the one who gives guarantees is very irresponsible and it is more likely to issue money that you have under the pretext of.