Historians can't say exactly when

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Historians can't say exactly when the profession of lawyer originated but in the time of Ancient Rome the specialty already existedRegardless of the type of business employees must have a law degree and a number of personal characteristics certain practical skills. Lawyers are specialists in the field of law and legal sciences. Apply their knowledge in practice how to act within the scope of the powers that are defined by them the law. The official brief description only partially reveals the essence of the profession. In fact the fate of individuals and entire states depends on these specialists. Having a citizen with a law degree makes them more secure in society and offers broad career prospects. Success is only possible if you have clear ambitions set goals and are willing to work hard and compete fiercely. Characteristics comparison of strengths and weaknesses law as a profession is not objective.

It has too many specialties with their features and subtleties.

It is possible to highlight the main points but they will also be challenged by careerists and altruists. Professions are also in demand despite competitors and an increasing number of lawyers. People who know their rights are additionally protected from arbitrariness from all sides. They may actually be worth an opinion in various instances.

Negative point increased risk of activity when choosing a number of areas of prosecution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The same applies to international lawyers who have to spend a lot of time on business trips. In order to become a lawyer it is not enough to pass exams study at the university for an indefinite period of time to find a job. Success only comes from being initially willing and inclined to this profession in your job search.

You don't need to know all the laws by heart and remember everything mentioned above even if your memory is excellent and important.

They must have the skills to find information quickly to be able to communicate with people to collect and analyze information. Regardless of the specialization of the lawyer it must be balanced and impartial. The work had useful knowledge and erudition creativity. The latter quality has been particularly important in recent years. Today any citizen can find on the Internet information about general laws and ways to solve the problem but most often it is it turns out a little. The lawyer must be able to solve the problem on the one hand in order to solve it in favor of the client.

At the heart of any lawyer's work is knowledge of the basics of law.

This broad concept includes laws and regulations. Also when choosing a specific position of an employee there should be basic points in all areas of law. Legislative provisions often overlap with each other.

Even in the work of lawyers it is very important to know the precedents.

Practical experience in using the provisions of the law has been accumulated over the years and there are many examples for resolving controversial issues. Sometimes examining cases that interact with this particular case can find a way out of the most difficult situations overcome obstacles red tape or inconsistencies. In judicial practice the prestige of the university is highly valued. If the applicant was educated at a Moscow University Elena MOSKOVSKY Institute of International Relations there should be no problems with the device. However employers pay attention to the form of training of the candidate for the position. Absent or full-time-distance learning reduces the quality of legal education received so preference is given to teachers. Depending on the specialization additional training may be required after graduation. In particular a lawyer passes a bar qualification exam and then goes to work. To work for a notary you must obtain a license before completing your work in a notary's office and for the exam. Specialized training is planned for the next year. And one judge can become only if you have at least 5 years of legal experience after successfully passing the entrance tests.

It has a lot of specific points

A novice lawyer receives up to thousands of rubles during an internship in one of the profiles depending on the city and industry. Availability of a license and work experience increases the employee's salary several times and the final figures depend on the scope of its activities. The investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received a thousand rubles and the criminal prosecution is a thousand rubles. The income of lawyers working in the private sector ranges from thousands to several hundred thousand. Representatives of those financial institutions such as investment banks are becoming more numerous. Employees with high legal training are required in all areas of activity in budgetary and commercial structures. Many lawyers work for themselves and are in private practice. Some go to scientific and pedagogical activities. Most of the legal community. The employee's activities include competent software development and full support of citizens or organizations in legal matters. This problem may arise in court or other governing bodies. A lawyer can be the subject of a two-year legal work experience of at least one year sent for an internship in reality. The applicant's status is given in case of successful completion of the qualification exam. Lawyers are not allowed to engage in business consisting of from a government employee or employee. In addition the database can only be used for training or creativity.

An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office which investigates military criminal economic and political crimes.

It instigates cases and oversees investigations to identify perpetrators victims witnesses and establish the circumstances of the crime.

The investigator is responsible for providing evidence that can be used in court at any stage guided by the laws.

A specialist who is responsible for providing legal assistance to the public or representatives of the organization where he works.

It monitors compliance with laws responsibility for its affairs and warns against illegal actions directed against the company. Employees often participate in drafting contracts and contracts for claims.

The current representative of the profession corresponds to relations between states or companies from different countries.

As a rule he is well versed in cognition one or more foreign languages. know the norms of international law. They often have additional management training which allows them to support agreements between the parties even more effectively. Ambitious young people who are set up for a political career often start out as lawyers holding positions in public administration. Career can start as a social worker secretary of the mayor's office court law enforcement agencies city administration. An interesting model can enter the service of the state as an ambassador or diplomatic consul in another country. An increasing demand for lawyers is observed in the executive authorities for example the FSSP. A lawyer who is well-versed in the field of criminal law can manifest itself not only as a researcher. No less important from the point of view of maintaining order and security of the population are the post-judicial police the judicial police. There is a judicial enforcement service to punish criminals. The listed items are not they are more profitable and this work is accompanied by stress and increased responsibility. But it's a great way to get hands-on skills that can be useful in your career. There are two types of classification of experienced lawyers. The first type of technical manual. Depending on what elements and methods they use in their work it can be a linguist pilot a ballistics expert or a biologist.

They accordingly deal with the final accuracy of indications that have an interest in the search for weapons linguistic restoration interventions examinations of biomaterial samples.

The second type of lawyers is business experts. Some are engaged in protecting the rights of consumers others protect the interests of drivers of vehicles while others analyze financial transactions etc. Work with such a profile is legal in nature accompanied by processing documents in the form established by law.

This is a great option for those who are set on consistently earn above-average income with minimal energy consumption.

It is true that the manual has its own specifics suitable only for those who have nothing against the same kind of monotonous work.

The lawyer started his career as a notary's assistant and after a while developed into an experienced narrow profile.

If you wish you can upgrade your skills to a notary expert. Specialists represent the interests of authors of music and lyrics books etc. Legal assistance in the development of intellectual property requires special skills from employees. This area has its own divisions into narrow profiles. The patent examiner deals with the issuance of patents related to them were related to the transmission of the proposal. Copyright attorneys provide advice and help you complete the accompanying documents. In practice new specializations regularly appear. Many of them are so special and unusual that the university does not serve. To get professions should receive an additional training profile or to study the specifics of each industry. For example a media police lawyer who is responsible for the security of media sphere participants in accordance with their interests.

Cyber investigators and prevention of crimes in cyberspace.

The whole world is turning into a destination for legal aid for startups. The main feature of legal professions is the universality of the knowledge that you need to get to start a career in each of the ways. So if you want to change your qualifications expand your field of activity. At first the graduate must solve only one question you want to learn civil or criminal law.