Specialists of the Law firm provide quality legal advice on all aspects of housing proceedings of a different nature under the laws of the country. Legal advice on housing issues is currently the most common and in demand of legal service. It happens that someone is sure to meet with housing problems and there is the necessary need for legal advice on housing issues.

Issues can be different and multifaceted

This can be buying a new apartment or home, registration of ownership rights, an extract from the apartments, the division of inherited property in the divorce court, the list is very diverse.

Agree in such cases necessarily need advice of a lawyer

The lawyer on housing issues will always provide competent advice and real help.

It is important that when choosing a lawyer, or a lawyer who will take on the responsibility to protect your rights and interests in housing issues, had the competence and practice of housing law legislation of the country and not only. After all, disputes in the field of housing law is very specific, as they can affect other areas of law, for example, knowledge of procedural law.

Individual approach to each client is one of the most important priorities of our company. You can count on quick help of our experienced professionals on housing issues, regardless of the complexity of the issue: how to formalize property rights, how to write a man out of the apartment, how to divide the assets of the estate in the divorce.

Housing issues — our expertise, your solution