The criminal lawyer requires not just recidivists. Life is such that to become the defendant in a criminal case and everyone can, and his innocence would still have to prove. These are the realities, despite the fact that the basic principle of criminal justice is the principle of presumption of innocence. Such developments are a good citizen often is not ready. How to get out of the criminal case with the least impact, without jeopardizing your personal reputation. First of all, if you brought a criminal case or on the horizon dawned with the prospect, you should calm down. Panic is not an assistant, because you have to think about line of defense and accuse you professionals. It is appropriate in this situation to contact a lawyer. Every citizen has the constitutional right to qualified legal assistance. Can from it and give up, taking the protection of themselves, but it is unwise move. The sooner you find a criminal lawyer, the greater the chance to defend their case in court. Best of all, if the lawyer will be present during interrogations, and at the time of arrest and at the time of arraignment. In such a scenario less likely that your rights will be violated.


Drivers in an accident to prove your innocence can be difficult, especially if there was a pedestrian down. Make a detailed diagram of the incident, find evidence, interrogate witnesses, to invite qualified independent experts all this is the work of a lawyer.

Illegal criminal prosecution

It is no secret that it happens. A lawyer can help in proving the groundlessness of the charges against you, together with you in accordance with your position, build tactics of behavior and protection from law enforcement, to make sure they do not abuse