Prices for the services of a lawyer depend on many factors: the complexity of the case, the court in which it will be treated, etc

And the miscellaneous section in the quantity and quality of marital property may cost differently. Therefore, given the approximate prices for the services of a lawyer can only navigate the final amount I will call You only after talking with You and finding out the whole situation in General, as each case is always unique, and his consideration depends, again, on many factors.

In rare cases, special rates are possible for some civil cases (depending on the amount of the claim)

I would also like to note that my prices are Higher or lower than other lawyers, because, as I said, the prices for their services are entitled to determine only the lawyer, but it would be fundamentally wrong to look for a lawyer, focusing only on his prices. All lawyers primarily people with knowledge and experience, but experience and knowledge can vary significantly among different attorneys.

This is not always the best can be the most expensive lawyer

I highly recommend You for making a decision be sure to talk to a lawyer, and even better — to consult with him to make his presentation about it and make a conscious choice, which depends on the solution to Your problem