For almost a hundred years as what is called drug has turned into a global legal issue. The phenomenon of social, medical, cultural, became the subject of legislative, law enforcement, judicial and legal trouble.

As a legal drug problem people working in a variety of situations. When treated them or suppress pain.

When having fun

When suffering from addiction. Or compassionate towards the suffering of their loved ones hooked on the needle. When you get help at the clinic. Or portrayed cannabis leaves on scarves.

And also when they check to put on the floor in a nightclub, sent for examination, taken out from the pocket planted a packet of white powder, put on trial, denied medical treatment, deprived of parental rights, lose your job.

People see the law, or lawlessness. Victims of defective laws or their perverted use.

This website is conceived as a line item human rights assistance. Our task is to give advice, to teach security technologies, suggest the right step to show how law can work, to assess the prospects. We protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of each person, guided by the Constitution, principles and norms of international law