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LEGAL ADVICE BY PHONE FOR FREE The important need for timely professional legal assistance you know those people who immediately had to solve legal problems and conflicts in their lives. Since ancient times there is the familiar on hearing the phrase:"Not knowing the law is no excuse." The meaning inherent in that phrase is relevant in our time when we often meet with fraud and deceit, with regular violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens, with different criminal situations, and simple, with constant updating of current legislation. All this leads to the fact that people quite difficult to understand their rights and the nuances of legal casuistry Therefore, resolving all legal issues would be wise to trust the professionals to get timely legal advice from a practising lawyer, and not rely on chance or luck. How to get free legal advice online Free legal consultancy on the phone To get free legal advice online, you must fill out the application form and send your question to a lawyer with your phone number. During the filling of the application for telephone legal aid online, select the subject of consultations in accordance with your questionFill in carefully and properly all input fields, and then click"Send request"to receive free legal advice or counsel on a specific legal question. After receipt of your request for legal advice, soon you will call one of the lawyers or advocates, and will help solve a legal question in a criminal or housing law, family, employment or insurance dispute, tax relations and Executive production, and also provide legal help in accident, consumer protection, and privatization of real estate.