And even in these cases — not always

Most of the mechanisms of occurrence of the accident is so ambiguous that it is difficult to immediately assess where the situation is complex, and where simple.

Guide, about the actions at the accident:

If there are injured — call an Ambulance.

Immediately after the accident, proceed in accordance with clause 2. 5. The rules of the road — stop and don’t touch the car, turn on the alarm; do not move any objects related to the accident and do not let others to do it.

Don’t fall to the persuasion»to understand without the Police», be sure to call the police.

Record all witnesses of the accident

Don’t show the police his ignorance of the rules of a Protocol inspector can to use.

Do not leave inspectors alone with the other party to the accident

Do not show too a good knowledge of the laws and order of registration of the vehicle accident. Small omissions of a police inspector in the preparation of the Protocol can help in the future to solve the case in your favor.

Make sure that all damage to your vehicle is recorded in the minutes.

Do not sign any documents which means your fault if it is not specified that you do not agree with the decision of the inspector and as soon as possible, contact a qualified attorney