Such form of lawyers ‘ activity is mainly concentrated in our country. Among the foreign law firms, as a rule, no purely Advisory. These services are provided by departments of firms, in which simultaneously with the Advisory, there are separate court divisions. Advisory — advise, make contracts, analyze legal aspects of commercial activities, whereas the judicial represent clients in the courts are responsible for judicial documentation, provision of evidence and similar issues.

Legal advice

Legal advice — giving recommendations about the optimal action in a particular situation and the current eligible use.

Typically, legal services are chargeable. However, in some cases they provide free labeling Latin term «pro bono». This practice has a primary distribution in the UK and the USA. In Europe to a lesser extent. In Russia, although the first experience refers to 1864, is currently used is very limited.

In the modern development of the Internet, access to Advisory services significantly simplified. This is how the possibility of a relatively simple personal acquaintance with the legislation and the comments on it, and the fact that an increasing number of law firms offers answers to legal questions directly through their Internet service.