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LEGAL ADVICE ON EMPLOYMENT LAW In other words, legal advice on employment law helps workers and employers to regulate labour relations and other closely connected with them relations of unearned character Receiving advice, the employee will be confident, that the employer was treating him honestly that he is insured against injury on the job, from unemployment, and that will retire at the end of the career pathThe employer, the same advice will be useful the fact that the business will be insured from dishonest employees, that production will not suddenly illegal check that everyone who works at the enterprise will be socially insured without any extra costs and a clear conscience before people and the state. Legal advice will help to solve issues relating to sick leave, dismissal, employee, employment, books, maternity leave, receiving unemployment benefits and injuries in the workplace Consultation have registered on our website lawyers, whose professionalism is no doubt, but if You need confidential legal advice on employment law a consultation fee ensures that all personal data will remain between You and Your lawyer who will put all their knowledge and experience to solve Your problem positively and as quickly as possible.