If you took out and threaten collectors

These and many other questions are asked of borrowers who are having financial difficulties to return the loan funds.

Each individual problem loan

For a favorable resolution of a credit issue required legal advice on loans, who will tell you how best to proceed in a given situation.

Each loan agreement stipulates the procedure for repayment. First settled penalties, then interest, and then only the body of the loan. Under these conditions, some borrowers to pay the loan does not make any sense. Since article of the Civil code give the right to charge fines in the course of the trial.

For some customers acceptable can become the option of restructuring debt by installments or deferred payment, the so-called»vacation credit». To get the restructuring should apply to the Bank with the respective valid email, which will also help to make a lawyer in banking matters.

Legal advice on loans in litigation with the Bank

Giving a claim to the court, banks significantly increase the amount of debt through unreasonable fines. If the borrower occupies the passive position or does not go to the court hearing, such claims are satisfied in full. As a result, the amount of debt can increase several times.

If the Bank took the borrower to court is not always as bad as it might seem at first glance. In the case of missing Bank Statute of limitations, it is possible to win and come out»unscathed».

There are a number of positive decisions of the Supreme court

In addition, the court of first instance may 2-5 times to reduce the amount of penalties, but this must be stated in the written objections that will help to make a lawyer loans