Advice can be either full-time (meeting with lawyer) and correspondence — via email, on the phone

However, as a rule, all types of correspondence consultation somehow reduced to internal consultation of the lawyer, as email or phone the lawyer will not long and thoughtfully discuss Your problem, examine Your documents.

The format of a telephone conversation or correspondence is suitable only for travelers: as Your lawyer, and the lawyer with Your problem. On the phone the lawyer, for example, is likely to briefly answer — is it to deal with Your problem or not, can be estimated»the scale of the problem,»and arrange the time and place of Your meeting with the lawyer.

Email the lawyer can give some more detailed answer, as is often the problem addressed, so the lawyer is not only responsible, if he could help me in this matter, but sometimes asks clarifying questions so that the client and the lawyer to fully prepare for the consultation in a personal meeting.

Prepare immediately to ensure that the lawyer is unlikely to be ready to meet with You»right now», although this option is not excluded. However, a lawyer has planned his work schedule for the days ahead, which, of course, you can always find a free»window»in order to meet You.

The meeting may be held as to the bar, and at a convenient neutral location (such as a café) by appointment with a lawyer

A visit to a lawyer of Your place of residence is excluded in accordance with the requirements of the code of ethics of a lawyer