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LEGAL ADVICE ONLINE FREE This site, which provided legal assistance to all citizens in need of professional advice. We accept questions on all branches of law and provide legal advice online What is legal advice online Our citizens have long been accustomed to the fact that for any service you have to pay, so free legal advice to them seems less reliable than the same information obtained at the meeting with the notary or a lawyer. Please note that legal advice online is regulated by the law for legal assistance and encouraged the State program working in the sphere of support of the population in the field of law. Thus, legal aid online is a real chance to get initial professional advice and to navigate the ways of solving the problem. You do not need to make an appointment and waste time in queues The practice allows a lawyer online urgently without delay, to know the answer to the actual query aspectsIf the described situation refers to frequently discussed topics and does not contain hidden conditions, the help of a lawyer will only take a few minutes. For the solution of complex issues will need more time To get legal advice that matches the situation, you will need to answer additional questions, provide information about related circumstances, or simply to define the issue more clearly and in detail. Legal services allow you to quickly make the decision and to avoid erroneous steps in assessment of the situation or solving the problem.