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LEGAL ADVICE THE PRICE The provision of qualified legal assistance on a professional basis - cannot be free or paidIf You are looking for very cheap or even free lawyer - You are not our client. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap Sorry, had to deal with situations where people have sought legal help in free social services, or even worse, tried to help myself, having read the Internet forums, the result was disastrous - lost cause, irretrievably lost money, assets, time. The decision to seek consulting to a specific lawyer, can not be determined only by the price of the services, it is not buying the same product offered by different sellers, then it would be logical to choose the cheapest offer. At the same time, I want to note that the price of the offered services are absolutely real and close to the lower boundary of the price corridor of their value. Offering free or cheap service disproportionately, a lawyer in the first place, offends the client, and second, do not value their time, skills and professionalism. Forms of payment Payment is made in stages. Possible cash and cashless forms of payment For legal persons are issued all the necessary documents to confirm the costs.