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THE LEGAL AID WEBSITE National Legal Service works for both individuals and for organizationsThe service is very broad - it's not just round-the-clock legal assistance in addressing emergency issues (by phone, Skype or e-mail), but drafting commenting of documents, consultation meetings and more. How does legal aid Innovative legal services available to everyone who bought a card of legal assistance. Card is evidence that the owner has the right to receive advice and legal support in the formats specified in its status.

The more legal services you need - the higher the denomination card you purchase in order to always be able to get detailed advice of a lawyer, Manager or marketer, to legally perfect the document or redirect the conversation with a representative of the authorities of the law. Cards require different amounts of services Due to the diversification of tariffs of the National Legal Service claimed as legal persons and citizens.

For individuals relevant opportunities free calls and phone consultations for owners of business services of preparation of documents and timely solutions to a variety of issues that only can be faced by the entrepreneur, large companies have the ability to quickly double-check the calculations of corporate lawyers and unload their own legal departments. Why is it profitable: - legal aid online anywhere in the world Benefits of purchase cards legal aid consists not only in the possibility of round-the-clock support from experts in all areas of law. Clients Of The National Legal Service: Save time because they do not need to meet with a lawyer - support is provided remotely through the easy for customer communication channel. Save money - a complete package of customer service on any fare costs much less than a lawyer. Assured the availability of legal aid lawyers working around the clock, calls for the holders of cards of legal aid free of charge. Get advice and answers to questions in any field of law In addition to legal assistance for cardholders includes a number of additional services. This includes the provision of forms of documents and standard forms, and operational assistance to the children of clients, and calling emergency services, and reservation services hotels and transportation, the Shuttle service, which is important for frequent travelers.