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LEGAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE DISABLED Each case, each situation requires a huge number of nuances that are not just considered without a personal conversation between the specialist and client Free legal advice can help a disabled person only in case when you need to clarify some provisions of the legislation granted in a particular situation, law, etc. That is in cases when not required to further the work of the lawyer or judicial resolution of the situation Regional branch of"Association of consumers"is ready to provide the disabled and their families legal services on preferential terms, and in some cases free. legal help Subsidized legal aid professional legal assistance to a person in certain cases fully or partially by the state For the characteristics of the system of subsidized legal aid are the following elements: Recipients of subsidized legal aid: vulnerable social group in need of protection by the state (with mental disabilities, the poor, the disabled, children without parental care, etc.); persons who find themselves in a legal situation related to the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms (suspects and accused of crimes, persons subject to deportation, etc.); victims of crime; individuals ability to resist which in a dispute is clearly not within the capability of the opponent (a private person against the Corporation). Subjects who might be assigned responsibility for providing subsidized legal assistance (providers) are divided into: private individuals and organizations working on the legal services market, characterised by mechanisms of self-governance and private logistics infrastructure; network of the special state legal Bureau created and financed by the state, providing assistance to all those who qualifies to receive it at the expense of the state; community organizations and other nonprofits are usually at the expense of philanthropists and volunteersIn addition to subsidised legal aid often perform functions for which the provision of legal services is one of the components (assistance to disadvantaged social groups, etc.). The provision of legal aid: business; the preparation of any legal documents; representation of interests in relations with public authorities and courts; implementation of the evidence-gathering The extent of the subsidy: full; partial.