Highly qualified lawyers will listen carefully to You and offer the most suitable solution to the issue.

All our lawyers are professionals who love their work.

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Our main goal is the realization of the rights of citizens to receive free qualified legal assistance, assistance in protection of rights and legitimate interests of consumers.

We care and we know how to help You.

What are the advantages of our Organization.

Open relationship with clients. Our staff and management are always open and available to communicate with You. You will always get accurate information on the execution of duties assigned.


You will be given complete and truthful information regarding the execution of duties assigned. We promise only what we can carry and don’t take unwinnable cases.

High quality of services. You serve the legal profession with considerable experience in providing legal services. Each of them has its legal profile, each addressing a different area of law and knows it thoroughly.

The provision of free legal assistance. Our organization is one of the few in the city of Chelyabinsk, providing free legal assistance. We are constantly expanding the list of services provided by free services. Today it is legal advice and assistance in the preparation of legal documents and range of legal services in the types of cases on protection of consumer rights