And this statement is hard to disagree. Unfortunately, all of us at any moment in one way or another can come into contact with a criminal case to act as the accused, suspects, witnesses or victims

It should be noted that today everyone has the right to grant qualified legal assistance of a criminal lawyer, regardless of his status in the criminal process.

Professionals who provide these services are called lawyers

This is not to say that a person has the right not only to provide quality legal representation, and not a free service.

In law there are a lot of directions, respectively, and the lawyers come in different profiles.

Of course, without exception, lawyers are in a special ward and have higher legal education

But only a criminal lawyer has the valuable knowledge and experience in the field of jurisprudence. The reason for this is the fact that the specialist almost every day dealing with real circumstances that require qualified legal assistance. It absolutely cannot be said about the advocates of other areas, for example, a technician whose activity is connected with family law