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There they had to engage in the study of audit cases

MILITARY LAWYER The first Jag school in Russia was opened in the first quarter of XVIII centuryThe date of its occurrence is considered to be 11 (22) APR 1719. Created by this school was at the initiative of Emperor Peter the Great, who was a reformer in many areas of our life. In 1719 issued a decree he commanded to recruit 20 people literate cadets of the Military College. After some time, he issued a decree by which several young men were sent abroad to study the Sciences. In the Russian Empire military lawyers prepared the Alexander military law Academy in St. It was conducted training of officers for work in military-judicial Department. Based this school was in 1866 in an officers Auditing classes at the College. In 1867 occurred the reformation of these classes in the Military Academy of law.

This Institute functioned the faculty of law

Since 1908 this school was named in honor of Emperor Alexander III. In this Academy he took officers to the rank of captain in the ranks who have served not less than four years. In Soviet times, the training of military lawyers was conducted in Military-legal Academy of the worker-peasant red Army, located in Moscow. It was the highest military school of the Armed forces of the USSR in the period from 1939 to 1956. It prepared officers for the military tribunals and military prosecutors. In 1956, the Military law Academy was abolished. Training officers-lawyers from this time were the military and the law faculty at the Military political Academy imeni V. Lenin. In 1974, a merger of the military-legal faculty of the Military Institute of foreign languages. This led to the formation of the Military Institute, which was preparing specialists for work in law enforcement and intelligence services of the Soviet Union. Later Military Institute, it was decided to rename the Military Institute. It was carried out the preparation in three major areas: judicial, prosecutorial, investigative and legal advisers. In 1994, the school received University status. It has been called Military University of the Ministry of defence. The highest military rank military lawyers in Russia is the rank the General-the Colonel of justice.