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MILITARY LAWYER ONLINE Service in the Armed Forces associated with increased personal responsibility, risks and dangersThe relationship between the state and the military are governed by a set of documents, United title of"military law". To understand it will help our military lawyers Online consultation (free and free) from the experts of the service is simple, reliable and quick method for practical advice on any problem in the field of military law. Contact with lawyers and solve problems in the field of military law, have the military, and their immediate families. Here is a small list of issues encountered by professionals in the field of military law, solving the problems of their clients. POPULAR TOPICS IN THE CONSULTATIONS MILITARY LAWYERS 1. Monthly cash compensation This kind of compensation determined by the military who have lost their health during military service, and members of families of servicemen who died as a result of injuries related to service in the armed forces. The amount of monthly compensation depends on the disability group and the number of family members between whom is divided the compensation paid posthumously. The size of payments and the procedure for their appointment are stipulated in the law. If you are unfamiliar with these documents, to know the details and obtain detailed information on the procedure for compensation-free by telephone from a lawyer on military matters. 2. A lump sum to the military A lump sum is paid to the military personnel in the following cases: The end of the term of the military contract. In fact pregnancy and childbirth for women, held contract service in the Armed Forces (the benefit is paid in the early stages of pregnancy with registration at medical institutions). Requirements for applicants to receive the benefits defined in several laws, and the sizes of payments in the orders of the Government and the Ministry of Defense separate for each category. To know the exact amount of the allowance and the list of documents required for submission of the application will help you advice of a military lawyer online, which can be obtained on our website.