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NOTARY PUBLIC ONLINE FOR FREE One of them is an investigator A guys dream from childhood: say, what could be more interesting than to investigate a crime. Unfortunately, in reality, the investigator has a hard time It can middle of the night to call on the scene to examine the corpse or to interrogate the criminalThe main objective of the investigator - characterization of crimes, disclosure and proof of guilt of the suspect. The work of the notary, compared to the labor investigator,"dust-free" This specialist is vested with state authority to certify the will of the parties to the various agreements. That is, the notary is a kind of witness between two persons entering into the contract or drawing up a power of attorney. His signature and seal, it confirms the legality of the terms of a document. One of the most common specialties of legal professionals - legal counsel. These professionals work in commercial organizations They help companies to operate within the current legislation: the right to conclude contracts and to execute various documents.