The traditional method of obtaining assistance from experts in such cases is the legal advice. A lawyer, like anyone else, understands the legislation, its peculiarities and current developments. In addition, the lawyer is able to explain to the ordinary person the meaning of this or that article of the law, its application and consequences. The development of information technology has given rise to a variety of legal assistance, including free online legal advice over the phone. On the website anyone can obtain comprehensive legal advice. To do this, simply call the specified phone number. The advantages of this method of counseling is obvious: Availability. At any time of the day or night, any day of the week experts are ready to answer all the questions. For advice do not need to visit the offices of law firms, waste time on waiting.


Most often, the person needs prompt advice on legal issues. In such a situation, the traditional advice is impossible, because it would entail loss of time.

Online consultation on the phone does not have this drawback, since it is available not only anytime, but anywhere. It’s enough to get to the Internet with any device that supports this feature. High quality consultations. Qualifications of our lawyers enables them to respond promptly to most questions. In cases where deals with situations of high complexity, the specialist may need additional time to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the case and the relevant articles of the legislation. The lack of registration on the website. If for some reason the person doesn’t want to introduce myself real name, he can choose to communicate to him any name or nickname. Real name and surname may be needed in the preparation of official statements, claims and so on.

Free online legal advice by phone on the website cover all areas of law. In addition to direct answers to the questions lawyers will advise the correct course of action in a given situation. Experts will answer questions in such areas of law as: Family law. Discusses any questions of the conclusion and dissolution of marriage, division of property, drafting marriage contracts, pleadings and so on.

Tax law

The lawyer will answer any questions related to taxation, payment of taxes and fees with tax benefits. If necessary, he will help to make necessary documents (e. g. tax Declaration). The labour law. The specialist will answer any questions related to the interpretation and application of articles of the Labour Code and other normative and legal acts (recruitment, dismissal, vacation, etc.). Criminal and criminal-procedural legislation. One of the most complex areas of law, so advice on these issues is carried out the most experienced lawyers. In addition to counseling, they will help to make statements of claim in the Supervisory and appellate court.

Insurance and transport law. Lately is one of the most sought after for consultation areas of law. Experienced lawyers will answer any questions concerning the use of vehicles, insurance and liability for violations of relevant articles of the legislation. Housing legislation. The consideration of the subject, all issues related to the purchase, sale, exchange, donation of real estate, as well as any issues related to this