If you really need real advice — read this article until the end.

The legal profession is often compared with the medical profession. Similarities and Parallels in these two professions, of course a lot. But try to find free consultation from a private doctor.

Most likely, you will not find

On the Internet there are many sites which provide free online advice, but all the answers boil down to two results:

Given a very General, vague response. The lawyer answers the first thing that comes to mind without deep understanding of the client’s situation.

Why is it done

For example, to raise his rating on the website. The more activity a lawyer — so it is»cooler»to others and stands out from the crowd.

We give a free response

In order to get users interested and asked, for example, to pay a consultation with that lawyer.

Simply put, the lawyers on these sites are responsible not to do to help people and to give a detailed answer, but in order to based on the free consultations to find a client who in the end pay money.

Still a good saying is:»Free cheese is only in a mousetrap»