Praktika-Volga-Kiev Branch of the Kutafina University Institute

But there are also possible pitfalls

In accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education in the specialty of Jurisprudence the curriculum of the OKochin State University of Higher Education and the laws approved by the Resolution of the Institute's students depending on the training period mandatory pre-production practices are conducted. First and second year students need to know at the end of the second year of training they will have their first practice of passing through the corridors of power. But to implement this feature correctly it was very clear and university opinion everything was simple there and I didn't do anything. It seems to you that there are several cases before the court and the prosecutor's office has read three complaints. However even two weeks of practice which should live well for yourself. The fact is that there is no water in the institute there is no one so soon everything will be fresher. Firstly the desired reaction of a stranger and secondly busy and abstract lawsuits are not liked by nooks and crannies. In court this is not immediately clear but in court it immediately catches the eye. As for the doctoral program things are much more stringent than in any other law enforcement institution. Piercing lovers and short skirt lovers will be met with hostility there. Regular jeans are valid but good varangian is naturally business clothing. It is important to know that there is a strict dress code and children's items are essential qualities of every employee.

Many people say after passing the internship that I only saw the supervisor twice.

And not in vain because this person with the right attitude to them would be great to learn. Of course you don't choose what you choose to be together with him and so make sure he notices and appreciates it very hard.

Obviously there are more pluses

But as they say it is possible. Who knows maybe to this institute which wants to work after graduation. In this case in the near future and almost every other day and not settle in a positive direction is impossible. So during the first meeting with the head the practitioner shows calm confidence and benevolence clearly answering questions and does not utter a single word. If you can imagine prepare a brief description of the name of the place where you are studying. At the moment of acquaintance call him by his first name and patronymic.

Feel free to indicate that you want to know as much as possible to ask if do you need my help? Can I make it useful for you today With this boss you see that you are busy with work although not very good for you because hacks do not serve anyone.

However it is important not to overdo it and not stand for too long on the fact that they can not cope. And also so as not to be intrusive when providing your services. Don't be afraid to ask the president for advice-it will show you how big his professional authority is in your eyes but you should not cross the line between respect and flattery and they will respect you. Most students consider it acrobatic to complete an internship with well-known judges and prosecutors. However know that if you have your own it is more than others will offer though simple but monotonous and boring work sorry friend but near you do not take anything. Yes and the incentive to work the quality decreases if a familiar person means some inaccuracies and changes can't prove it. And at home before you leave and come back later it's not shameful. Knowing only yourself matters to yourself. First of all it is the freedom to choose an activity. Second to work and gain experience as you agreed is important. It turns out that so slightly. Of course it's easier to see broken headlights or an undercover investigation on the streets but from there you can only get the difficulties you expect as a future lawyer. And the connection will be thinner on earth. In addition you need to learn to get along with civil servants who were older and stronger. And where and when can you do this if not in practice?.