The powers of the representative should be expressed in a power of attorney, issued and executed in accordance with the law

Citizens have the right to conduct their Affairs in court personally or through representatives. Personal participation in business of the citizen does not deprive him of the right to have this cause representative. Business organizations are in court by their bodies acting within the powers granted to them by law, other legal acts or constituent documents, or representatives. The authority of leading business organizations, supported by documents certifying the official status of their representatives, and if necessary constituent documents.

On behalf of the liquidated organization in court acts as the authorized representative of the liquidation Commission

Representatives in court can be capable persons having properly issued powers on conducting of business, except for the following entities (with the exception of cases of their participation in the process as representatives of appropriate bodies or legal representatives):

the judge;

the investigator;


According to the procedural law the court appoints a lawyer as a representative in case of absence of the representative of the Respondent, place of residence is unknown, and in other cases stipulated by law