The lawyer is a specialist in the field of law. He knows the laws and regulations, knows how to use them and can teach them the basics of others. Is an expert in the field of law, which can take any legal position from a lawyer to a judge.

It is necessary to obtain a law degree

The emergence of this field of knowledge has occurred in Ancient Rome. It was here that appeared the first representatives of the law — cartridges. To them the resolution of disputes and judicial activity was the concept of indirect and lay on the shoulders of the priests. With the advent of cartridges legal knowledge has developed rapidly. First, the power of decision lay on the shoulders of emperors, kings and heads of States.

The industry has evolved, appeared as defenders and prosecutors.

Were born courts and the judicial system

Over time the law has developed in the broader industry. The basis for the laws was religion, just the commandments from the Bible were the first laws. They made the rules, which humanity follows to this day. The development of the law has been slow, to the introduction of laws by Tsar Peter the First. It was he who gave rise to the development of the legal sector of our country.

Then was a court revolution

Just after it we got a legal structure, close to the modern. Nowadays, the law is a wide branch of knowledge and capabilities. It includes the entire judicial system, knowledge of laws and legal norms and methods of control them a clear run as individuals and organised structures