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LEGAL ASSISTANCE Alas, the Russian proverb about the prison and bag, from which you do not want to renounce, still apply todayLegal issues that are in front of our fellow citizens, not legally very literate, puts life, vary in their degree of complexity, resolution and regulation, but in any case, require legal advice. Here is a list of the main issues on which the lawyers of the consulting group"a beautiful mind"carry out consultation: Housing law including inheritance, gift, mortgage, privatization, rent, hire or sublease, the sale, etc. Family law divorce, alimony, division of property, the order of communication with the minor child accident Debt repayment Contracts Hour legal advice by phone Legal advice online Legal advice on the interpretation of tax legislation, the choice of the optimal tax regime is still one of our consultations. legal assistance Our lawyers will assist in dealing with economic crimes, Prosecutor's office, investigative bodies, other state bodies, advise on the interpretation of the criminal law. Given that situations in life happen different, - legal advice - one way to gain credibility among customers. The lawyers of our consulting group is ready to provide legal assistance to their clients 24 hours a day, notifying, thereby, possible violations or abuse by law enforcement. The high professional level of our lawyers, - legal advice, i e. the maximum efficiency in solving all legal issues allow us to be confident in the successful outcome of any business.